CVH Spirits


Customer Frequently Asked Questions

What brands will CVH offer?
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  • CVH has the exclusive rights to manufacture, sell, and distribute Gordon’s Gin and Pimm’s in South Africa and the BLNE countries. To offer more complimentary choices for our customers, CVH will also offer a portfolio of spirits brands, including Black Bottle, Deanston, Scottish Leader, Bunnahabhain, Sierra Tequila and the champagne brand Piper Heidsieck.
What actions must customers take to trade with the CVH spirits business unit?
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There are a few actions you need to take to prepare to trade with CVH. Please take these actions timeously to ensure a seamless onboarding with CVH and avoid any delays with your future orders:

  • Complete online customer application form (can be found here)
  • Accept your new CVH credit terms which will be emailed to you – you can review and sign directly in your browser and it will be submitted to us
  • Create or capture CVH as a vendor: Standard CVH information will be shared with you post the receival of your application form. If any additional information is required, please request the relevant documents from our CIC at
  • Create a separate beneficiary for CVH with your bank: CVH is registered as a public beneficiary with Standard Bank, FNB, ABSA, and Nedbank. You can add us by searching for CVH under public beneficiaries.

Once all planning and approvals are finalised, we will provide a detailed transition timeline.

How do I place an order?
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Orders can be placed through email or phone using the contact information, below. Customers can also choose to place orders through their designated CVH Sales Representative, who will reach out to you once you are fully signed-up with CVH.


Phone: 087 170 5001

Who will deliver my order?
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A distribution company called Liquor Runners will deliver customer orders on behalf of CVH. will contact you directly to notify you of your delivery date and to confirm delivery details.

What will be the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for CVH?
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Our minimum order quantity for delivery will be one (1) case. Should you wish to purchase less than one case of any brand in our portfolio, you can visit one of our many wholesale and retail partners.

Will CVH offer EDI ordering to their customers?
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CVH will offer Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ordering to interested customers in future.


In the interim we are offering alternative channels such as email, phone, and sales rep ordering. As part of our engagement, we will guide you on the changes required to your existing Distell EDI integration to remove the CVH product portfolio and ensure a seamless transition experience.

How frequently can I expect the delivery to be and how often can I order?
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CVH will offer deliveries to customers and customers will be assigned a designated delivery day. We will engage with you to share your delivery day and confirm delivery details.

What customer support structures will be in place?
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CVH values you as a customer and has put strong support structures in place to ensure you continue to receive the same high quality of service you’ve come to expect from Distell. CVH will have a dedicated Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) to support our customers in placing orders, making payments, answering any questions you have, and respond to any complaints you may have.


You will also be assigned a CVH Sales Representative, who will reach out to you in the coming weeks to share his or her contact details and call schedules.


Should you have any questions or require support, please contact our customer service team at:


Phone: 087 170 5001

WhatsApp: 079 642 6099

For complaints:


Will I receive a separate invoice for my CVH orders? What is the payment process?
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Customers will have a separate CVH account and will be invoiced directly by CVH and you will receive a copy of your invoice upon delivery.

Customers will need to pay CVH directly according to your credit and payment terms, into CVH’s bank account(s) and send your proof of payment to CVH. Please use your CVH customer number as reference on the payment.

CVH is registered as a public beneficiary with Standard Bank, FNB, ABSA, and Nedbank. You can add us by searching for CVH under public beneficiaries.

What are the CVH Supplier Terms & Conditions?
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The CVH suppler Terms & Conditions can be found here.