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About Deanston Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Deanston is not your average whisky. It might be from a small town but it has a big spirit. Just like its drinkers, Deanston is bold, brave and always striving for better. Better whisky. Better community. Better planet. Born in the 60’s, Deanson's founder, Brodie Hepburn, transformed an old cotton mill into the perfect place for making whisky. He looked at the River Teith and saw perfectly soft water and the strength to power a distillery – through our hydropower turbine. And he saw a community with the passion and honest work ethic to become true whisky makers. ​

Deanston makes a uniquely waxy spirit, unlike any other whisky. The perfect example of when science meets art (and a bit of luck). The combination of the water source, location, open mash tun, and our hands-on methods. This cannot be recreated.


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